School to School Support

We are very pleased to announce a North East London Cluster SLE conference on November 4th. Please find attached the details of the conference. See you there!


Tollgate Teaching School Alliance is dedicated to improving standards through school-to-school partnership working and support with the aim of improving opportunities for ALL children and young people; raising their achievement and aspirations by being able to access outstanding education.

The purpose of the support is to narrow the gaps between schools in our area; developing partnership working with and between schools to raise aspiration, ambition, expectation and standards in all schools. The Alliance will broker and oversee the deployment of National Leaders of Education (NLEs), Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs - shown left) in order to support all schools on their journey of improvement. One of our SLE's Charlotte Sonnex has a case study on the NCTL website which can be accessed via

To request support in your school please complete the 'Request for Support' form and return to Caroline Stone at

If you are interested in becoming an SLE the application process is now open until November 2nd 2015. You can download a PDF version of the application form here. To obtain a word document to complete please contact Caroline Stone at For further information download the SLE toolkit here.

SLE Craig Lilleyman went to Shanghai to take part in a national research visit. Read more here (download)


Claire James

Case Study- Year 1 support

I supported in year 1 to raise standards and expectations to improve teaching and learning.  I worked alongside both year 1 teachers in class, observing and supporting as an additional adult.  After giving feedback to the teachers individually I set them both specific, personalised targets to work on before my next visit.  This continued throughout the year building on progress and setting new targets.  I also supported with planning and gave feedback on plans with regards to pitch and level of challenge.  I modelled lessons in both year 1 classes and team taught lessons with them.  Both teachers have made progress in all areas with one teacher getting an ‘outstanding’ in her most recent observation.  The partnership with this school is continuing and I am now developing a bespoke training programme to deepen and challenge their expectations further.

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