Craig Lilleyman

Rosetta Primary School


Key areas of expertise:

I have taught in various settings including small rural schools in northern England, inner city schools in London and abroad in a British curriculum international school. My current school, Rosetta Primary in Newham, is often perceived as a challenging school, but one in which I have a track record of outstanding teaching in Year 6, not only achieving some of the best SATs results in our school’s history, but also a very high percentage of Level 5s in Mathematics and success with underperforming white British pupils in writing and reading. I am currently Acting Assistant Head for Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage, teaching in Year 2 and subject leader for Mathematics. At Rosetta I introduced and embedded SEAL across the school and whilst abroad, I spent two years as subject leader for English. I completed a PGCE specialising in MFL (German) and spent part of my teacher training at a German speaking primary school.

Key strengths:

My strengths include:

  • motivating and inspiring teaching
  • modelling all aspects of classroom and behaviour management and being a consistent and dedicated team player. 
  • an excellent communicator 
  • role model by having the highest professional standards. 
  • approachable, accessible and supportive to all of my colleagues, 
  • ability to use data to successfully target students and raise standards, 
  • using outstanding diagnostic marking as a dialogue with pupils in order to assess and accelerate their progress 
  • using differentiation successfully and simply to personalise learning for individual pupils. 
  • secure knowledge of whole school progression, having experience across all primary phases and year groups.