Marya Afreedi

Kaizen Primary School


Phone:020 7473 6890

Key areas of expertise:

My career spans over ten years and I have acquired a range of experience in role. My key areas of expertise are; Data & Assessment and Moderation. As Data & Assessment Leader a significant impact of my contribution as a leader to supporting leaders in my own and other schools has been that I have ensured that data is being used efficiently, effectively and systematically to enhance children’s learning.

Currently, I am in my second year of working as a lead moderator for KS2. This has involved leading, along with other lead moderators, the training of Key Stage 1 and 2 moderators, Year two inexperienced and experienced staff and Year 6 inexperienced and experienced staff to embed outstanding practice in their respective schools.

I have also completed a Masters in Leadership from IOE, which has helped me to develop a range of leadership and management skills and strategies for the effective management of organisations. For example, it has helped me to understand how to unlock an individuals potential as well as enable, guide and be a role model for a whole team. In addition to the above my experience include leading quality of teaching and learning in Year 4 and Year 5.

Key strengths:

  • integrity and focus
  • my key belief that leadership is about empowering, enabling others to act and developing children’s learning by supporting others in their practice.
  • open and honest communication, with an investment in relationships.
  • secure knowledge of whole school progression.